Backpack Parts- Accessories And How To Used For

Backpack Parts Accessories And How To Used For


Various backpacks are manufactured to meet the demand and purpose of the purchaser and one of such demands cut across various aspects such as fashion, security, and as well useful in increasing the capacity of the backpack in question. In place of this, different accessories have been made available to fill in such gaps. Backpack accessories come in a different forms to meet such needs.

At the first glance, different accessories might look insignificant because of their auxiliary function for their respective suitable backpacks. However, over the years, they've been used in such areas as fashion, sporting, and security purposes. Different backpacks use different accessories based on the purpose for which we build them. For example, mini backpacks, crossbody sling backpacks, leather backpacks, and daypacks are used for fashion and therefore, the manufacturer will make use of different fashion accessories in their makeup. Such accessories include; keyrings, lapel pins, etc.

Because of the effect of environmental factors such as UV rays, high temperature, humidity, and as well excessive usage, certain accessories have been manufactured to protect different backpacks, such accessories have certain features which enable them to confer certain protection to backpacks to extend their usage and durability. Such accessories are used in travel and military backpacks. Therefore, these forms of accessories are mostly found in carry-on and wheeled backpacks.

In this article, we will unravel different backpack accessories available for different purposes and shed light on why they are suited for a specific type of backpack. There are many accessories out there, and that specific accessory is employed when the backpack is made, therefore it is quite important to reveal why the particular accessory was chosen over the other options available.

Backpack Accessories And Their Uses

There are various types of backpacks accessories and the number of accessories can not be quantified. Different accessories will be described and their use will be made mentioned, this is to unveil the reason such specific accessories were chosen for that backpack.

1. Strap

Contoured strap

Straight strap

Bridge Strap

This is one of the basic accessories found in a backpack, its serves as support that helps to keep the backpack on the back. It is made of fabric and padding and it is situated around the shoulder area. The padding helps to shield the shoulder to foster comfortability. There are three types of straps, these include;

  • Straight strap: This is the type that can be found in most fashionable backpacks and other backpacks that are not designed to carry bulky loads.
  • Contoured strap: something otherwise known as curved straps. They are padded and they mimic the body shape: They are found in camping, hiking, and other forms of outdoor backpacks.
  • Bridge strap: This strap is used to join the two other straps together.

2. Slider


It is made of heavy-duty plastic for strength and durability, bags that carry much heavier loads mostly come with aluminum sliders to increase their strength and performance. It is mostly made in form of a G-shape that holds the strap tight when tensioned and it is used majorly for fastening and webbing the strap.

3. Handle

Backpack handle

Backpack handle is also known as the haul strap, it is located at the top of the pack between the shoulder straps. It comes in form of a simple layer grip or padded grip, and at times, both are combined depending on the capacity of the load it is designed to carry. It is majorly used to carry backpacks from the top.

4. Side release buckle

Backpack parts accessories aAnd how to used for

This is a slightly bent, rounded-edged backpack accessory, it is made of a wide variety of durable materials ranging from plastic to polyester material, however, acetal and thick plastic are the most common ones. It consists of two parts, one is the male buckle while the other is the female buckle, these two work interdependently, and they are commonly used in joining the chest straps together.

5. Zipper

Backpack parts accessories aAnd how to used for zipper

This is a vital accessory that determines the lifespan of the backpack, it serves as a means by which the pack contents can be concealed. There are three types of zippers; plastic molded zipper which are normally found in the heavy-duty backpack, metal zippers which are also known as metal tooth or chain, coil zipper is also known as nylon zipper, so named because it is made of nylon but nowadays, they are made of polyester.

In addition, there is a waterproof zipper used for waterproof backpacks.

6. Zipper Puller

7. Wide mouth triglide slide

Wide mouth triglide slide

These are also known as slide adjusters or triglide buckles, they are called triglide because they assume a triangular shape. They are made of heavy-duty plastic so as to foster strength and durability. They are used to lengthen or shorten the strap to which it is attached, sometimes they are paired with the side-release buckle.

8. Frame

Type Of Backpacks – Used For Everyday Life backpack frame 1

Backpack frame can be either internal or external with the external frame being the common one, they are majorly used for backpacks that are intended for various outdoor activities such as; sports, traveling

9. Rain cover

backpack raincover

As we all know that different backpacks are made of diverse materials, which may be waterproof or not. A rain cover is however an accessory, which is handy enough to be carried about and it is used to protect the backpack, especially during the rain. It is particularly useful for backpacks that are made of materials that are not waterproof or whose waterproof effect is not strong enough to resist water penetration. Therefore, this particular accessory is very useful in such cases and it helps to prevent any form of damage that may destroy the contents of the backpack.

10. Standard Lock

Backpack parts accessories aAnd how to used for standard block 1

This is another form of accessory which is used to provide extra security for backpacks. It is made of metals and it makes use of combination code as a means of locking and unlocking the lock. This helps to ensure maximum security, it also aids in preventing accidental opening during transit. However, the lock can only be opened by someone that knows the combination code. Unlike the zippers, it denies assessment to anyone who tries to open the zipper. Therefore, a lock enables you to drop your backpack anywhere without the fear of its contents getting lost, misplaced, or stolen.

This is another form of lock which is used to keep backpacks safe during trips, like a standard lock, it is used to secure the zipper and it also has an added advantage in that it has a metal strip that can be used to hold the backpack to a fixed object such as railings, bed posts, lamp post, etc. This serves as a way of preventing them from being stolen and displaced from their position.

11. USB Charging Port

USB charging port backpack

Backpacks with built-in USB charging ports are very popular. These backpacks are designed to include a USB charging port on the outside and a connection cable on the inside, you can plug and charge electronic items such as phones, laptops, Ipads into the bank battery, becoming a mobile power socket. However, the bank battery is not included in the charging port USB and must be retrofitted or purchased separately.

12. Hydration Bladder

Hydration Bladder backpack

This is a special type of accessory which is used in hydration-compatible backpacks, such backpacks contain a hydration port and pouch that house the bladder, the bladder can hold water and it is equipped with a drinking tube that allows drinking with convenience without the use of hands or water bottle. This accessory is useful for travelers, especially the ones on an adventure and it is also important for various outdoor activities.

15. Lash Tab

Type Of Backpacks – Used For Everyday Life lash tab

A lash tab is a small piece of cloth usually in the shape of a diamond, cut with two narrow holes. Similar to the D-ring, the lash tab is usually on the front of the backpack to hang glasses, keys, hats, and even shoes. The diamond tab Lash is the most common, but there are also round, square, rectangular, and oval, … Lash tabs can be made of leather, rubber, or plastic to increase water resistance. In addition to the hanging function, today, some types of backpacks add lash tabs for decoration.

16. Waterbottle Rack

Waterbottle Rack backpack 1

This is similar to a flask holder, but appears smaller in space than the flask holder. They serve as the reservoir component of the backpack as they can house different types of water bottles. They are mostly used by school children, sportsmen, and travelers for holding water when their activities are being carried out.

17. Rucksack liner

This accessory is also used as a form of protection for the backpack's contents, it is similar in function to a rain cover but differs in the mechanism of action. Unlike rain cover, it is placed inside a backpack to line the element of the backpack material and its contents to keep the contents dry. It is made of tough material like polythene and it creates a protective waterproof between backpack contents and the elements. It is however cheaper than rain cover.

In conclusion

As much as backpacks are important, various accessories have also been found to be important as they serve various purposes which cut across fashion, protection, and enhancing the capacity of the backpack. Therefore, in choosing various accessories for your backpacks, it is important to note the various importance of each accessory to enhance their use with a matching backpack.

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