Type Of Backpacks – Used For Everyday Life

Type Of Backpacks – Used For Everyday Life pdf


Backpacks are used for different purposes, and each individual deserves to procure packs that will suit their specific goals. However, this might seem a bit difficult to the purchaser as backpacks come in different designs and, as a result, might lead to the inability of such person to choose a suitable backpack that will serve its purpose.

If you've been wondering which backpack to buy in the market, the various types and designs you have seen have confused you. You don't have to worry, as this article will reveal different kinds of backpacks available for use and their various designs and forms.

Backpacks often come in various shapes, designs, sizes, and textures. However, it is worthy to note that these characteristics are not just attributes of multiple backpacks but are factors that determine the purpose for which the pack is intended to serve.

Types of Backpacks

While numerous types of backpacks are available, according to the research carried out on different packs, bags can be grouped into three categories. Each group constitutes the different types of designs that exist. They include; everyday backpacks, travel backpacks, and sports backpacks.

Everyday backpacks


This backpack category is popular due to its versatility and applications to our daily activities. They come in small to medium-sized and are designed to contain all essentials needed for our day-to-day activities. They are equipped with a minimal strap pad on the shoulder and can accommodate about 20 to 40 L in volume. Apart from the main compartment, they also have small pockets for keeping smaller items. They are majorly used in the office, schools, hiking, and traveling. The downside of this category is that they are not waterproof, and they tend to lose their shape when empty. The various types of backpacks that belong to this category include;

  • Mini backpacks: This backpack is designed majorly for fashion purposes. Girls mainly use it to carry bare essentials such as snacks, books, tablets, and phones. They are smaller than the regular backpack, with about 10 to 20 L storage capacity. They are usually made of faux leather, and they retain their shape when empty or half-filled. However, they are not rugged to use for an extended period.
  • Crossbody sling backpacks: This particular backpack is mainly used by people that love something unique and quite different from the regular. The main distinguishing feature of this backpack is that it has a single strap, and it is hung diagonally across the right shoulder to the left-side hip. It is very comfortable and primarily used in schools or colleges. The disadvantage of this type is that it has less space than the regular backpack, and it does not retain its shape when empty.
  • Leather backpacks: This particular backpack recently gained popularity due to its durability, fashion, and functionality. They are made from genuine leather and come in various vintage, modern, and roll-top designs. Their distinguishable features include; a water-resistant exterior, adjustable straps, a laptop compartment, and a few pockets for keeping other accessories. They are primarily used at offices, schools, and colleges. However, they are of limited use because they are pretty expensive and contain less space than regular backpacks.
  • Daypacks: This backpack comes in a simple design with average carrying capacity, equipped with two minimal padded straps, a padded grab handle, and a padded back. They are used in casual and formal settings and are often used for work, academic purposes, hiking, and traveling. However, the minimal padding features on the straps and backside are less comfortable, and they lose their shape when empty or half-filled.
  • Laptops backpacks: This backpack is tech-friendly due to its structured body and an organized compartment accommodating laptops. It also has additional compartments that accommodate chargers, headphones, tablets, notebooks, and other accessories. They have padded straps and are equipped with sealed YKK AquaGuard Zippers, which serve as protection from external elements. They can stay upright when placed on a platform and retain their shape when empty or half-filled. However, they have a smaller main compartment compared to the regular backpack.
  • Tote backpacks: These are designed backpacks made majorly for women and are mainly used for work, grocery runs, shopping, and excursions. They are simple, fancy, and stylishly created with two straps attached to the backside. They are dynamic in function as they can be carried on the shoulder as a tote bag or with straps as a backpack. They have a simple, spacious compartment with a few pockets compartment. However, they are less comfortable because the shoulder straps are not well-padded and can not be used for long activities, including extended travel.

Travel Backpacks

Travel backpack 2

This backpacks category is suited for moving from one place to another and is designed to serve this purpose. The structure is made of materials that are strong enough to hold various pieces of equipment and loads and has numerous pockets to keep other more minor variables. They have a lockable zipper, a breathable back panel, and fully padded straps for comfortability purposes. Below are the various types of travel backpacks available for use;

  • Carry-on backpacks These particular backpacks are majorly used by travelers who travel through airlines. The size and dimensions are thus made to fit the overhead compartment of an airplane. It is common among digital nomads, business tycoons, and other travelers who often travel by air. It is also be used instead of a suitcase. It is equipped with smaller compartments to accommodate other valuable accessories and sometimes has a special compartment for keeping the laptop. It is highly durable and comfortable as it has heavily padded straps and a backside.
  • Wheeled backpacks: This type of backpack serves dual functionality as it can be used as a regular backpack or dragged like a suitcase with an in-built retractable handle and a roller. Therefore, they are versatile and convenient, especially for people with back pain. They are spacious and also have many pockets for keeping other variables. They can also retain their shape when empty or half-filled. Due to their in-built retractable handle and highly padded straps and backside, they are pretty heavy than the regular backpack but lighter than a suitcase.

Sports backpacks

Sports backpacks 1

This category deals with a specific form of backpacks suitable for various sporting activities and is majorly found among athletes and people participating in various outdoor sporting events. They include ;

  • Hydration backpacks: This is a particular type of backpack designed to transport water to make drinking convenient. It also ensures that enough water is available for drinking during various outdoor sporting activities, including; hiking, climbing, running, biking, and many more! They are usually worn on the back and sometimes look like a vest. They are generally equipped with a water reservoir of about 5 to 20 lítírés. The user can drink the water through a plastic tube attached to the strap. Although they are cheap and hold more water than the regular water bottle, their downside is that they don't last long compared to other backpacks.
  • Drawstring backpacks: These are a simplified version of bags that usually comes with strings rather than straps. It is generally made of water-resistant polyester, nylon, or canvas. It has only one compartment with one or no pocket for carrying various elements. They are light and easy to carry, and they are mainly used in the gym, sports, yoga, dance, camping, training, etc. However, it cannot carry heavy loads or sharp and pointed objects, which may lead to tears. It is also less comfortable than regular backpacks as the strings tend to hurt the shoulder.

In conclusion

apart from the various types of backpacks explained above, there are still other backpacks out there. This article only prominent on the most important ones to guide you on what to consider in choosing suitable backpacks that best suit your purpose. Backpacks often come in different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose they are built for.

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