What Fabric Is Used To Make Hiking Backpacks?

The Indispensable Function Of The Backpack


Hiking is an outdoor activity that is common among humans. It involves embarking on a long vigorous walk on a trail, road, or footpath in the countryside. It is a form of physical activity which is observed by a group of people. It is of medicinal importance due to its ability to induce the release of endorphin, which is a powerful chemical released by the brain. It calms the body, keeps it in shape, and triggers happiness in humans. It is also a form of exercise that helps to improve and maintain our social and mental well-being.

What is the hiking backpacks?

Hiking backpacks are specially made backpacks that are designed to make hiking easy. Such backpacks are equipped with special features that make them suitable for hiking. So when you desire to go hiking with friends, families, and acquaintances, it is advisable to go along with your hiking pack so that you are not left out of the picture. Hiking packs provide a lot of advantages that cannot be gotten from other bags. In addition, it makes hiking so easy that you will want to go for more. Aside from hiking, it can also be used In other areas such as camping, traveling, and climbing. Hiking backpacks can also be equipped with other accessories, together with other carriage options, which make them convenient to use.

While embarking on a hiking trip, your backpack must be large enough to hold various gears needed for the trip. At least the capacity of your backpack should be able to hold at least 20 liters capacity of various hiking gear. In case you are wondering what hiking gears are, hiking gears are basic things that are needed for hiking. Examples are; suitable weather clothing, hiking boots or shoes, food, excess water, navigation tools like compass, map, knife, sunglasses, first aid kits, etc.

Types of hiking backpacks

Hiking trips are made convenient by going along with different necessities to make the trip fun and highly enjoyable, nevertheless, these necessities cannot be carried by just mere hands, it is therefore required that a specialized type of backpack should be used for the carriage, these specialized bags are what is referred to as Hiking backpacks.

Hiking backpacks can be easily gotten on the market, however, it has been found that different designs, capacity, fit, and features of these bags have made it difficult for consumers to get the kind of backpacks that will meet their needs as they are confused on which of the designs will suit their purpose.

As a manufacturer, we are committed to producing the best kind of backpacks, and this comes in different varieties, as people will always prefer to buy what they feel is suitable for their needs. Knowing different kinds of backpacks is the first step to discovering what is best suited for you. There are different types and designs of hiking backpacks in the market. They include;

  • Frameless backpacks
  • Internal-frame backpacks
  • External-frame backpacks

Frameless backpacks

This category of hiking backpacks is light and flexible, they are specifically used to carry lightweight variables. They have a capacity of about 40 liters and weigh about 600 grams. Because of their low weight, they are useful for day hikes, and short-term hiking. The downside of these packs is that they cannot be used to carry heavy loads, due to the absence of a hip belt, they are unable to transfer weight from shoulder to hip efficiently, which is a result of the whole bag structure lacking rigidity in their make-up.

Internal-frame backpacks

These sets of backpack types are built of flat aluminum rods or plastic frame sheet which runs vertically behind the backpack back panel to prevent it from collapsing. They have a rigid to semi-rigid construction, and their structure is light to mid-weight, they can hold more than 40 liters capacity. The rigidity enables the weight of the backpack to be transferred through the backpack belt from the shoulders to the hips. Though, the rigid structure adds some weight to the backpack which makes them heavier than the frameless type. One of the advantages of this type of pack is that the frame sheet can be removed so as to decrease the backpack’s weight when rigidity is not needed.

External-frame backpacks

These backpacks are well known for their rigid construction, they are rarely used for hiking purposes recently, this is as a result of their bulkiness which reduces comfortability during hiking. The heaviness is a result of the large and robust aluminum frame. In addition, they have a capacity of about 50 liters which enable them to weigh more than 2000 gram. They have an advantage over other types of hiking packs in that they can carry items of irregular dimensions and can be attached to an external wheel frame, they can also be customized to any style of your choice. Nevertheless, due to their bulkiness, they are less travel-friendly.

What fabric is used to make hiking backpacks?

Answering this question requires that you have carefully gone through the information provided above, however, there are whole lots of options as to which fabrics must be employed in making good and quality backpacks. Some of the materials that can be used include cotton, canvas, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, ripstop, and Cordura. Before choosing any materials for your backpacks, it is important to note that hiking requires you to carry a lot of essentials some of which might be heavy, Also, various hiking activities can expose your packs to various environmental conditions that can put the pack at the risk of getting damaged, therefore material that must be employed must be very strong, and durable. Therefore, choosing the best fabric for hiking backpacks is as important as the process of making such backpacks. Therefore, a good pack must be well stitched with a high-quality thread.

The various fabric has been listed and virtually all of them can make good hiking backpacks, but making a high-quality pack requires a lot of other factors, and all these factors can be found in nylon.

Nylon is regarded as the best fabric for making good quality hiking backpacks, this is as a result of various deniers embedded in its makeup, it is important to also note that, the higher the denier, the more durable and abrasion-resistant the fabric will be, however, care must be taken when making use of nylon for a hiking backpack because nylons with higher denier tend to be heavier, therefore there is a limitation to the type of nylon that can be used, nylon that has a denier of more than 210 cannot be used except for abrasion prone areas such as the bottom of the pack, at times Cordura can be used as a substitute in this area due to their strength and rigidity which enhance the durability of the pack.


A good quality hiking pack is vital to your hiking adventures. This is because it enables you to carry each of your essentials like food, water bottle, and first aid kits. It also helps to prevent accidental loss of your hiking gears. To build a reputable hiking backpack, it is therefore important that highly efficient and durable materials are utilized in the production process to spur people’s interest in hiking activity. Nylon has been described to be the best material for making good hiking backpacks. Nevertheless, ensure it is well reinforced with interwoven materials and well coated with polyurethane or silicone to make it effective water-resistant.

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