Size Backpack – How Do You Choose The Correct Size Backpack?

Size Backpack – How Do You Choose The Correct Size Backpack

There are many factors that you have to consider when purchasing a backpack. But how do you know if a backpack is right for you? Enter your text here...

Depending on the type of activity you are undertaking, you will be able to select the right-sized backpack.

Before we explain some tips you can use to find the right backpack size, you need to understand what is backpack size and capacity.

Backpack Size and Capacity Explained

The capacity and size of a backpack is often measured in liters (L) or (in³) with liters being the most common.

Backpack sizes are categorised into small, medium and large. Small backpacks have a capacity of under 19L, medium are between 20-29L while large have a capacity between 30-39L.

Backpacks over 40L are very large and are alsos able to accommodate more items whether you will be using it for outdoor activities, school, commuting or work.

These types of backpacks are best used when travelling, hiking or when going out for many days. Everyday backpacks are usually medium sized and can accommodate most of your daily items like laptops, tablet, accessories, water bottle among others.

Now that you have briefly understood how backpacks are sized, here are some tips you can have on your checklist as you select the right size backpack.

How long is Your Activity?

Whether you are going to school, to visit a friend or going for a hike a few hours, days, or weeks, there is always a perfect one for each duration you will be away. 

For instance if you are going for a hike and it is for a day, go for a backpack between 10 and 25 liters. This pack will fit essential items you will need for the day, like a water bottle, some sunscreen, a jacket, and snacks. 

If your hike lasts more than a day, the ideal pack will be between 25 and 35 liters. The bigger the size, the more items it will carry. The backpack should accommodate cooking items and sleeping items.

For an adventure that will last more than three days, you should go for a 35-liter backpack. This is regardless of whether you will be camping or staying in accommodation.

This size is perfect because staying out longer for an adventure means you may encounter harsh weather changes; hence you must go prepared.

Moreover, you will likely be fatigued during the journey, and you will need to change clothes. A bigger bag with extra space to carry everything you need will give you peace of mind and ensure you enjoy your hike.

Choose a backpack proportional to your size

How do you know that a backpack is proportional to your size? The backpack should be propoertional your width. 

For instance, a child should not go for an adult sized backpack because it will not fit them and it will also be uncomfortable to carry.

The height of the backpack should also extend from two inches below the shoulder blades to the waist level.

Get a Backpack with Broad Padded Straps

The size of the backpack goes hand in hand with comfortability. For this reason, it is essential that you go for a backpack with padded straps.

The broad and padded straps will protect your shoulders from excess pressure and also aid in distribution of the backpack’s weight evenly.

If the backpack is meant to be carried using two straps, carry them with both straps to prevent straining and any risk of back related conditions.

Once you get the backpack, adjust the straps up to a level that is comfortable for you.

What Activities Will You Be Doing?

Do you plan on going for a hike, to school, work or visit a friend? You will need a backpack that will carry both all the items you need.

Depending on the occasion, you can easily decide on the size and capacity of backpack that suits you best.

Go For Technical Backpacks

After considering the weather and your destination, check the sport that is meant for your backpack because some bags are more adapted to your needs than others.

This is more of how you organize the bag, and hence you ought to find a backpack that is the proper size and one that has the features you want. 

You need to purchase a bag with elastic side pockets, a pocket for your sleeping bag, rope, helmet, compression straps, and waterproof stash points. 

Each backpack comes with unique features and ensures that you select a size that will fit all your gear. 

Does it Fit Your Torso?

You may have selected an ideal backpack for your needs, but does it fit your torso? 

The backpack should be correctly sized for the length of your torso and your hip circumference. Some backpacks are available in various sizes, from minor to extra-large. The manufacturer determines these. 

For this reason, be sure to check that the backpack fits your torso for maximum comfort during your activities, be it while you are going to work, to school, hiking, to visit a friend or even to the groceries store.

What is Your Means of Transport?

Another tip to use when selecting the proper size backpack is the transport you will use when heading to your destination.

You must carry a backpack that will be comfortable enough if you will be walking most of the time.

If you carry a big fat backpack, you will most likely get tired fast and if you were going for an outdoor activity, you will not enjoy it. As much as you may have a lot to carry, the pack should be a size you can bear to walk around with anywhere for a long time before getting fatigued. 

When purchasing a backpack, especially from an online store, choosing the right size might be difficult.

However, we have made it easier for you using our tips on selecting a backpack that fits you. 

We hope you have enjoyed your read and will make a wise decision on the backpack size when you will be buying one.

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