What Are The Main Parts Of The Backpack?

What Are The Main Parts Of The Backpack

It may be easy to know the type of backpack you want when shopping for a backpack, but do you know its parts and functions?

When you understand the anatomy of your backpack, you will be able to make purchases that will satisfy your needs and wants.

There are different backpacks, and each one comes with its specific parts. This blog will talk about the basic parts you will never miss in any backpack.

The Basic Parts of Backpack

These are the parts you will find in any backpack you pick from a store.

Upper Compartment

This backpack part is also known as the hood or' brain.' It serves to store small items that you may want to access fast anytime. The upper compartment contains various other distinct parts, such as the:

Top Pocket

This part is on top of the hood, and you can reach it without opening any buckles. It is also great to store small items that you may want to use urgently.

Inner Top Pocket

This part is right under the hood of the backpack. To access this part, you must unclip the hood. It is a safe spot for keeping items that you want to keep dry and safe.

Some of the items you may keep here are a map, wallet, permits, and any other important but tiny item.


This part of the backpack is usually used interchangeably with the hood. Most backpack lids have pockets, but some roll-top backpacks don't.

Main Compartment

Like the name, this is the part of a backpack that contains most of the important elements. They include:

Haul Hoop

When you look closely at your backpack, you notice a handle-like webbing hoop. That is the haul hoop, and it is used to grab the backpack when you aren't wearing it.

Always grab the backpack with the haul hoop rather than a single shoulder strap. You do not want to put unnecessary stress on the seams of the straps.

Load Filters

These are the adjustable straps that link the shoulder straps and the top section of the pack. These are the parts you use to adjust the length of the backpack and stabilize the load.

The adjustment of the load filters depends on the weight of the backpack. However, a more comfortable position is tightening the straps so that the backpack's weight falls to your hips.

Shoulder Straps

Like the name, these are the parts that go around the shoulder, and they help you carry the backpack with ease. The shoulder straps that will make you the most comfortable are wide and padded properly.

When the straps are thin, they will strain your shoulders, and you will feel uncomfortable.

Shoulder Straps Adjuster

These parts are located on the shoulder harness portion. However, you will not find a shoulder strap adjuster in all backpacks. It is used for fitting the backpack to the size of your torso.

Compression Straps

These parts are used to lash gear outside your bag. This is the best part to put items such as hiking poles or sleeping bags/mats. The straps will help compress the load to concentrate at the centre of the backpack.

Sternum Strap

This part clips across your chest. It assists in keeping the load secure and in place, especially when you are walking for long hours. You need a backpack that can stay in one position regardless of the movements.

Side Pockets

You need to carry a drink wherever you go carrying your backpack, especially water. The side pockets are ideal for keeping your water bottles and even small items that you may want to access easily.

Hip Belt

This part goes around your hips just below the belly button. They enable the weight of the backpack to be on your hips. Ensure that you go for a backpack with a wide padded hip belt so that it does not tighten your hip bones and dig into them.

Hip Belt Pockets

These are pockets found on the hip belt, and it is the best place to stash small items that you can grab on the go.

Stabilizer Strap

This part is not found in all backpacks. They usually run from the back panel to the hip belt, and their purpose is to act as load lifters. They also assist in reducing lateral movement of the backpack as you walk.

Ventilation System

When you walk with a backpack, your back will often get sweaty. For this reason, backpacks have a curved back panel with a mesh overlay so that air can flow between you and the backpack.

Accessories Pouch

If you want your gear neat, the accessories pouch is the best place to put them. It is mainly found in the main compartment walls, and they come in various sizes. You can store a variety of items such as toiletries, power banks, or first aid kits in it.

Lower/Sleeping Bag Compartment

This part allows the sleeping bag to stay lofted while they are packed. It is also an ideal part that ensures your important clothing stays dry.

Ice Axe Loops

This part helps you secure your ice axes when they are not used.

Rain Cover

Most backpacks are resistant to water, but a rain cover is important to ensure your backpack stays dry while you walk in the rain.

Backpacks that are not resistant to water have a rain cover but in some cases you have to buy it separately. Nevertheless, it’s a part you don’t want to miss when you go hiking.

Accessory Straps

This part is located at the bottom of your sleeping bag, and it is used to lash large items like sleeping packs.

It's time to carry that backpack!

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the various parts, it's time to pack up and carry that backpack wherever you go. Remember that not all backpacks will come with all these parts. Each backpack has their own special features but the parts serve the same purpose.

We hope that this guide will help you whenever you make a backpack purchase. Is there anything we left? Let us know.

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